Marion-Polk Dems Election Night Party

November 4, 2014 - 6:00pm - 9:00pm

Marion-Polk Dems Election Night Party

Tuesday, Nov. 4  6-9pm

Grand Ballroom


187 High Street NE, Salem

No on 90

Measure 90 would replace our elections system with a system where all candidates, regardless of party affiliation, would appear on the primary ballot but voters would only get to choose between the top two candidates in the General Election. The Marion County Democrats voted to endorse a NO vote because Measure 90 would eliminate meaningful choices for voters in the General Election and work to shut out minor parties. To learn more go to

Candidate & Ballot Measure Endorsements for 2014

Government of, by and for ALL the people

HD 17 Rich Harisay
HD 18 Scott Mills
HD 19 Bill Dalton
HD 20 Paul Evans
HD 21 Brian Clem
HD 22 Betty Komp
HD 23 Wanda Davis
SD 11 Peter Courtney
SD 13 Ryan Howard
County Commissioner, Pos. 1 Diana Dickey
County Commissioner, Pos. 2 Carla Mikkelson

Ballot Measure Endorsements 2014
Ballot measure endorsements are voted on by a body consisting of Marion County Precinct Committee Persons​

Ballot Measure 86 (Education Investment Bonding)VOTE YES
Creates a permanent investment fund to finance student assistance needs for Oregonians pursuing post-secondary education.

Ballot Measure 87 (Allow state judges to work at colleges and in National Guard)VOTE YES
Amends the state constitution to allow state judges to serve in the National Guard and teach at state universities.

Ballot Measure 88 (Driver cards for all Oregon residents)VOTE YES
Allows the DMV to issue “driver cards” to Oregon residents who pass written and driver tests, and can provide proof of Oregon residence for more than one year.

Ballot Measure 89 (Equal Rights Amendment)VOTE YES
Amends the state constitution to ban discrimination based on sex.

Ballot Measure 90 (Top-Two Primary)VOTE NO
Ends the current system which allows political parties to pick their nominees for the general election by a popular public vote of its members in a primary election. Replaces with a "top-two primary" system that allows a voter of any party to vote for one candidate of any party and only the top two vote getters advance to the general election, even if they are in the same party.

Ballot Measure 91 (Marijuana Legalization)VOTE YES

Marion County Democrats Committees

The Candidate Support Committee.  The Candidate Support Committee is presently identifying and recruiting progressive candidates for races in Marion County. There is a subcommittee working on Salemcentric races.  The chair is Patrick Schwab. 

The Legislative Committee.  The Legislative Committee is monitoring the present Legislative Session.  They are organizing broad communication of bills, hearings and events of interest for citizen participation.  Gregg Moreland is the Chair.

Office hours and Location

Our offices are staffed by volunteers weekdays 12 - 2 PM.
250 Liberty Street SE, Downtown Salem
(503) 363-8392

Contribution by check can be made to:
Marion County Democratic Central Committee
PO Box 13835
Salem, OR 97309

Marion County Democrats (MCDCC) - Contact Information - Keep in Touch!

image005.jpgMarion County Democratic Central Committee (MCDCC)

Visit Our Office:                                250 Liberty St SE - in Dowtown Salem
                                                          (across from the Salem Grand Hotel)

Leave a Phone Message:                 503-363-8392

Send Mail:                                           PO Box 13835, Salem, OR 97309

Send an e-mail:                       

Attend MCDCC Monthly Meetings: 3rd Thursday, 6:30-8:30 PM
                                                              Doors Open: 6:15 PM
250 Liberty ST SE, Salem 

Marion County Democrats have a FaceBook page
Click the FaceBook Button to visit or join our social network:  FaceBook

Marion County Commissioner Replacement Nomination

July 9, 2014 - 7:00pm

Attention PCPs:  Marion County Commissioner Replacement Nomination July 9th

Planned Parenthood at Marion Co. Dems Monthly Meeting

Representatives from Planned Parenthood give status and election updates.

Parts 2 & 3

Why closing the gun registration loophole deserves your support

By State Senator Floyd Prozanski of Eugene, Oregon. Floyd is a graduate of Texas A&M University and has a law degree from the South Texas College of Law. He was first elected to the Oregon Legislature in 1994 as a State Representative and now serves in the State Senate. Senator Prozanski works as a municipal prosecutor and serves on various boards and commissions. An avid cyclist and home-brewer, he lives in Eugene with his wife.

If you are not a felon or a person who sells guns to felons, you should support SB 1551. It will limit felons’ easy access to guns by closing the remaining loophole in Oregon’s successful background check law for gun purchases.

Oregon passed its first background check law in 1989. It was limited to gun transfers that occurred through a gun dealer. Voters added gun shows in 2000 when they passed a ballot measure. Since then, all sales and transfers of guns at gun shows – including transfers between private individuals at gun shows – require a background check on individuals receiving the guns to confirm they are not felons.

When someone passes the background check without any issues, Oregon State Police destroy the collected information within 10 days of approval. Information is only kept longer – up to five years – if a felon fails the background check or if someone passes, but has a flagged issue that held up their approval (i.e., an out of state conviction). For all approvals, including those delayed and then approved, there is a 99.3 percent purge of information. The other 0.7 percent is not immediately purged because they are retained for up to five years to expedite future purchases.

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