Who We Are

The Marion County Democrat Central Committee (MCDCC) serves as the official representative of the Democratic Party for Marion County, Oregon.


Office Address: 250 Liberty St. SE, Salem, OR 
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 13835, Salem, OR 97309
Tele: (503) 363-8392
E-mail: info [at] mariondemocrats.org


Chair: Barbara Fuller, chair [at] mariondemocrats.org
1st Vice-Chair: Travis Meuwissen, vicechair1 [at] mariondemocrats.org
2nd Vice Chair: Brittany MacPherson, vicechair2 [at] mariondemocrats.org
Secretary: Judy Sugnet, secretary [at] mariondemocrats.org
Treasurer: Sue Schwab, treasurer [at] mariondemocrats.org

Committee Contacts:

Communitcation : Nate Robison communications [at] mariondemocrats.org
Membership : Lisa Steward membership [at] mariondemocrats.org
Legislative: Jeff Julum legislative [at] mariondemocrats.org
Program: Cindy Kimball program [at] mariondemocrats.org
Candidate Support: Brittany MacPherson candidates [at] mariondemocrats.org
Fundraiser: Sue Schwab fundraising [at] mariondemocrats.org
Rules: TBD